Past Destinies

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Reviewer: Patrizia Murray
"If you like time travel, this one is a winner."

The Romance Studio Reviews
Overall rating:  
Reviewer: Wendy Mitchell

It was unique and highly entertaining.This story ran the gamut from achingly sweet to heart wrenchingly sad and I enjoyed every second of it."

Past Destinies

  RELEASE DATE: May 2, 2011


“Why did you kiss me?” Elizabeth demanded, twisting her hair into a makeshift bun and
shoving her hat back on her head as she glared at him.
“I wanted to show you I knew you weren’t a boy,” he said.
“Just because I like kissing you does not give you liberty to make free with my person,”
she said.
“You like kissing me, huh?” Doug couldn’t help the huge grin he felt spreading across his
“Don’t get excited,” she said wryly, opening the stall with her horse inside. “I like kissing
Black, too.”
Reaching forward she pulled the big stallion toward her and kissed the middle of his nose.
He responded with an affectionate nudge that almost pushed her onto her backside.
“You didn’t just compare kissing me to kissing a horse.” Doug’s mouth dropped open, and
he choked back a laugh.
“I did.” He could hear the laughter in her voice. “I’m still not sure which of you is the better
“If you expect me to just walk away from a challenge like that you don’t know anything
about men.” Doug pulled her back into his arms and tipped her grinning face up to his again.

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