Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I've got a publisher!

  I know I've been remiss in not introducing you sooner to my publishing company but I've been a bit overwhelmed. My original editor moved on to another publisher and I was almost afraid that my new editor wouldn't fall in love with my book but she has.Or at least done an excellent job of pretending. I know she has her work cut out for her with me. Thank you Allison for your patience and for loving my book too! We've had to work mostly on point of view issues with my characters. Just when I think I have them all resolved we find more. Finally last week we finished! I have to say that I actually enjoyed the experience more then I thought I would. It's much easier polishing your work then coming up with new ideas! (Not that I have a shortage of those)

So I'm pleased to announce that my book, Past Destinies, (That is not the official cover, just one I made up from a picture I took) has a home and will be coming to a kindle near you in May, 2011. With your love and support it may even be seen at a bookstore near you. I'd love to see it in print, but just knowing that I have completed my New Years resolution from last year of getting my book published once and for all makes this accomplishment toast worthy! Champagne anyone?

So here's the website for my publisher: 
Lyrical Press, Inc


Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

*grabs bottle* I will drink it for you! YAY!!!! *cheers*

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Nina sent me your way! Just saying hello and congrats on your contract. Happy sales and feel better!

Constance Ruth Clark said...

Thank you guys!! I'm so excited!!

Kayelle Allen said...

Congratulations. Champagne all around! (any excuse to tip the bubbly) ;p

PS: Nina says to say hello for her.

Lindsay Kiernan said...

I was looking up members of the Maine RWA chapter and ran across your good news! Congrats and good luck with the new book.

CBlaire said...

Congrats!! Saw your name& blogsite on RWA on-line chapter. *Liked* your page on f/b. Would love to get a hint at your story, perhaps a summary OR couple of paragraphs, just to have a clue to your "Voice".
My genre (unpubbed) is contemp. romance w/ touch of suspense.